Interested in joining the lab?

What Pre-Requisites Do You Look For When Evaluating A Potential Thesis Student?

The minimum CA of a 4D09 is 8.5; the miminum CA for a 4D06 is 8.0.

What are you looking for in students?

I’m looking for students interested in Voice and Personality, Voice and Cognition, and Acoustical Analysis. We have a strong focus on fighting gender bias and racism in psychology.

What Information Are You Going To Want From A Student Who Is Interested In Working In Your Lab?

Students interested in the lab should provide their CV, Grades, and a short statement about why they are interested in joining the lab, and what avenues of research they're interested in.

How Do You Want To Be Contacted?

I would like to be contacted by email at feinberg at mcmaster dot ca. Feel free to contact me at your convenience, and if for some reason I don’t write back right away, please email again.