Interested in joining the lab?

We can't wait to meet you. We are very excited to be taking on new students for the 2023-2024 school year.

What should I do if I'm interested in applying to the lab?
  • Email Dr. Feinberg at Let me know about your academic background and what potential research areas you would be interested in working on.

  • What are we looking for in students?
  • We are taking on students interested in Social Perception, Cognition, and Perception topics related to voices
  • Students should have a background in Psychology, Anthropology, Linguistics, Speech Science, Engineering, or other similar background.

  • Here are some current topics we're interested in working on:
  • Automated Acoustic Analysis
  • How autism affects voice recognition and memory
  • How does voice quality affect personality perception
  • Is the 2-factor model of voice & personality legit?
  • Are voices opponent-coded?
  • Is voice averageness attractive?
  • What features make up multidimensional voice space?
  • What makes voices attractive

  • If you have an idea about some research that isn't listed here, we're interested in hearing about that too.